2017 Follower of the Year Award

Yes, it is that time of the year again, when I narrow my list of followers to those that aren’t doped-up on thorazine or any other anti-psychotic drug, sift through the handful of followers that remain, and choose a Follower of the Year. Past winners have been so self-effacing that they have asked me to never mention them again. Actually, it was their lawyers that asked, in writing via a court order.

This blog is over 2 years old now and growing organically as if covered in manure. I promote it nowhere and it definitely shows. Most followers find it by accident, make the mistake of following, almost immediately realize the mistake they made, but are too lazy to unfollow. That is exactly the demographic I am targetting.

I started writing this blog in 2015 to practice writing, but that changed in 2017. 2017 was a challenging year as I used and abused this blog as a cathartic release for my political frustrations. I stand guilty of Trump bashing, but have been making an effort to move on. Fake Trump tweets were fun for a while, until Trump’s real tweets far and away out-crazied my fake ones. At this time, I have plenty of confidence in my belief that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have the goods on Trump and will take down the Trump crime family sooner than later. I’m moving on from Trump, but my Flies On Washington Walls cartoon will hang around as my channel for political commentary.

Followers of this blog throughout 2017 have had to deal with a roller coaster of a blog that addressed politics with fake Trump tweets, serious essays and fly cartoons. Flies were not the only cartoons, and the strong-stomached are able to enjoy the weekly Sunday morning cartoon Mite Be Funny. In addition, there were attempts at funny memes and Seinfeldian observational commentaries about nothing. Writing it all out, it’s amazing to me that there are any followers at all, but there are and 3 in particular unknowingly battled it out for 2017 Follower of the Year.

Trev Jones is a reliable “liker” and runs a humor blog at www.sillyoldsod.com that is actually humorous. Hmmm, maybe I should follow his example. Although he was given serious consideration as Follower of the Year, he’s only been following this blog for 6 months, so I had to disqualify him. Sorry you silly old sod. Stay funny.

Little Fears was given strong consideration as 2017 Follower of the Year, especially since the Fears have been following all year and are reliable “likers.” The Little Fears website is fascinating to me for many reasons and I recommend you take a look, but sadly they did not earn the coveted Follower of the Year award this year.

Don’t feel sorry for either Trev or Little. They get more “likes” to their blog posts than I have followers. I just keep reminding myself what my wife tells me all the time … that it is not how much she likes it that matters, but the length. Hmmm, that gives me pause now that I see it in writing.

Anyway, with Trump nepotism running wild in the USA, I saw it only fitting to name alroy99 as the 2017 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year. He is like a brother to me, and although he finds the Mite Be Funny cartoons to be distasteful (what a pansy!), he leaves frequent comments (in his brief periods of lucidity between “doses”), and I value a comment about 10 times as much as a like. He does not have a blog, and he has had twice as many types of cancer as I have, so he gets the sympathy vote.

Since I was really on the fence about my selection this year, I felt that this trophy was most appropriate …

Trophy fencing 2017

Thank you all for following, liking and commenting on this blog. More nonsense and new features to come in 2018. I know what you are thinking … WOW, now where is that unfollow button?

4 thoughts on “2017 Follower of the Year Award

  1. This is the Greatest Honor of my Life…is what I would have said if it was true. However, it is still an honor, of sorts. Thank you! But please don’t move on from Trump commentary as 2018 could be a great year for him as he leaves the “ dump” of the White House for yet more time at Mar a Lago as a private citizen. Or, hopefully, instead of living at the Winter White House he’ll end up at the Club Fed Big House like a disgraced South Korean President. Anyway, keep on writin’, making sure you maintain your current journalistic standards.

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