I Missed Another Blogging Milestone

I don’t know how it happened. I was watching the number of followers of this blog slowly rise from almost nobody to a few misguided souls seeking succor and comfort from my words. And if that is what you seek from this blog, boy, did you come to the wrong place.

Despite my vigilance, I missed the addition of a follower that helped us reach the … get ready for this … dizzying amount of a quarter of a thousand followers. That’s right, despite my best efforts at worst writing, almost zero promotion (I’m not counting that scathing review of this blog in the Crabtree Corners Courier last summer), and a complete lack of continuity or theme to this blog, we now have well over ten times the number of blog followers as attendees at a Steve Bannon Holiday Inn campaign stop in Kansas to promote Steve Watkins for Congress.

Bannon Kansas2

Now that I have a quarter of 1,000 (whoa, check out all those zeroes!) followers, it almost makes me want to try harder. Nah. But there is a potential windfall coming up in less than a week for one lucky follower.

That’s right, it is almost time to announce the 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year award, or the JFLATWFOTYA as it is more commonly known in the acronymy world of today or the AWOT as it is more commonly known in the oh, never mind.

Previous Followers of the Year have gone on to succeed in careers as weight-guessers in traveling carnivals, professional mourners, and ditch fillers with a clear career path ahead of them to become ditch diggers someday. And last year’s Follower of the Year actually just secured a high-paying job selling magazine subscriptions. Really. No joke. It is very likely due to all the reading he did here on this blog. One of the magazines he will be selling is titled Purinergic Signalling. Sorry, that may sound a bit complex. This should explain it more for the layman …

“There is both short-term purinergic signalling in transmission and secretion and long-term (trophic) signalling in controlling cell proliferation, differentiation, motility and death in development and regeneration. At the molecular level, rapid progress has been made in understanding the mechanisms of nucleotide and nucleoside release, their extracellular metabolism, the intracellular signalling cascades elicited by receptor activation and the cross-talk with other essential signalling pathways. In addition to basic research into the roles of purines and pyrimidines in physiological conditions, a recent emphasis is on translational research and the therapeutic opportunities concerning purinergic signalling.”

That should straighten things out. I would help him out and subscribe, but I’ve already been a subscriber since the 90’s. This publication though did catch my eye …


Hmmm. Mite Be Interesting. Enough of this blog feature cross-promotion. Back to one lucky follower. I’m not saying that the 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year will have the same success as the 2017 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year has had, but I’m also not not saying that. So submit your last minute “likes,” comments, and bribes. I can be bought.

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