2018 Follower of the Year Award

I’m used to seeing the featured image on today’s blog, except normally with one less finger on each hand extended. But it is that time of the year to cross your fingers and hope to be the lucky one to be chosen the 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, the 2017 winner went on to snare a high paying job in 2018. This could be you in 2019!

crossing guard

No, not a crossing guard, but undercover law enforcement or a drug kingpin in a speeding getaway car. Regardless of whether or not you score a high-paying job, you’ll always be the 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year. So, without further ado … oh, wait. We need a drumroll befitting this award.

drumroll belly

Perfect. The 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year is …

Trophy 2018 soccer

Congratulations to Trev Jones from the UK on the award. They love their soccer over there, sorry “football,” so we have a custom trophy this year to make him feel comfortable, although any association with this blog should make him feel quite uncomfortable.

Trev is a faithful “liker” of this blog and was a finalist for the 2017 award. The award is based each year on a complicated points system that has the judges using sophisticated instruments to calculate a winner.

abacus racoon.gif

He did get some points deducted for liking blog posts that even I don’t like, but he did get extra points added for liking this universally reviled meme that I find hilarious.

Trev Jones also has a humor blog. Last year when he was a finalist, I tried to follow his blog, but couldn’t figure out how. That may say more about me than his blog, but it does look updated this year and I was easily able to follow it this time around. You can check out his www.sillyoldsod.com blog here.  Those who do will see that Trev actually seems to make an effort with his blog with a thoughtfully-crafted home page appearance and even a video blog with his own YouTube channel. Makes me wonder if an effort should be made on my blog. Maybe a 2019 New Year’s resolution? Nah.

Thank you all for following this blog and I wish you all a happy & successful 2019. I may or may not post tomorrow as my oldest daughter is trying to kill me. If I post, she was unsuccessful and all will be explained. Not coincidentally, she finished a distant last in the 2018 Follower of the Year voting. Major points are deducted for attempted murder.