2018 Follower of the Year Award

I’m used to seeing the featured image on today’s blog, except normally with one less finger on each hand extended. But it is that time of the year to cross your fingers and hope to be the lucky one to be chosen the 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, the 2017 winner went on to snare a high paying job in 2018. This could be you in 2019!

crossing guard

No, not a crossing guard, but undercover law enforcement or a drug kingpin in a speeding getaway car. Regardless of whether or not you score a high-paying job, you’ll always be the 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year. So, without further ado … oh, wait. We need a drumroll befitting this award.

drumroll belly

Perfect. The 2018 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World Follower of the Year is …

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I Missed Another Blogging Milestone

I don’t know how it happened. I was watching the number of followers of this blog slowly rise from almost nobody to a few misguided souls seeking succor and comfort from my words. And if that is what you seek from this blog, boy, did you come to the wrong place.

Despite my vigilance, I missed the addition of a follower that helped us reach the … get ready for this … dizzying amount of a quarter of a thousand followers. That’s right, despite my best efforts at worst writing, almost zero promotion (I’m not counting that scathing review of this blog in the Crabtree Corners Courier last summer), and a complete lack of continuity or theme to this blog, we now have well over ten times the number of blog followers as attendees at a Steve Bannon Holiday Inn campaign stop in Kansas to promote Steve Watkins for Congress.

Bannon Kansas2

Now that I have a quarter of 1,000 (whoa, check out all those zeroes!) followers, it almost makes me want to try harder. Nah. But there is a potential windfall coming up in less than a week for one lucky follower.

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2017 Follower of the Year Award

Yes, it is that time of the year again, when I narrow my list of followers to those that aren’t doped-up on thorazine or any other anti-psychotic drug, sift through the handful of followers that remain, and choose a Follower of the Year. Past winners have been so self-effacing that they have asked me to never mention them again. Actually, it was their lawyers that asked, in writing via a court order.

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And My Follower of the Year Is …

Thanks to all my followers for wasting another year of their lives by reading my nonsense. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Despite lackluster writing, Pauly Shore level jokes, and an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump, I continued to add followers throughout 2016, albeit at a rate slower than a Trump supporter trying to calculate a 15% meal tip without a calculator. I am grateful, yet perplexed. I encourage all followers to seek professional assistance.

In an effort to scare away even more followers, I will once again award a Follower of the Year. This year, the winner will win a lunch with me. The second place finisher will receive 2 lunches, a dinner (appetizers and dessert not included!) and a backrub (no happy ending!). Enough with the fine print; let’s get to the decision.

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And My Follower Of The Year Is …

It has been just a few short months since I have started writing & blogging. I’ve had some hits along with plenty of swings & misses. For whatever reason, I have acquired some blog followers along the way. Don’t you have anything better to do like auditing grocery store receipts or weaving dryer lint into yarn? I felt there needed to be some reward for your unwarranted devotion and attention, so I am pleased to introduce the nominees for my first annual Follower of the Year award.

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