And My Follower of the Year Is …

Thanks to all my followers for wasting another year of their lives by reading my nonsense. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Despite lackluster writing, Pauly Shore level jokes, and an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump, I continued to add followers throughout 2016, albeit at a rate slower than a Trump supporter trying to calculate a 15% meal tip without a calculator. I am grateful, yet perplexed. I encourage all followers to seek professional assistance.

In an effort to scare away even more followers, I will once again award a Follower of the Year. This year, the winner will win a lunch with me. The second place finisher will receive 2 lunches, a dinner (appetizers and dessert not included!) and a backrub (no happy ending!). Enough with the fine print; let’s get to the decision.

It should be an easy decision. I have a friend, more like a brother (an OLDER brother I might add), that follows and reads this blog regularly and also adds pithy comments. However, I feel I can leverage our friendship (what are friends for except to be leveraged?), and keep him reading and commenting for another year. And then there are the photos. Have I said enough buddy? Keep your head down, keep reading, and keep commenting pithily.

In a year of an election with contested results, I felt it quite apropos to hand my award to someone who is not even a follower. They somehow read my blog and routinely “like” my blog posts without showing up on my follower list. I mean, I have no idea why my followers read this drivel, let alone a non-follower. To make things even more confusing, the award winner this year is a conservative blogger. I have read his stuff, and have found it thoughtful (as compared to my incoherent ramblings), but not really aligning with my beliefs. In fact, his blog home page contains this image …


Without further ado, except for continued head-scratching, the 2016 Jim Flanigan Looks at the World (Non) Follower of the Year Award is Aussie Conservative. I am pleased to present you this trophy …


I look forward to seeing you for lunch. I hope you understand that you’re buying. I spent all my money on the trophy.

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