Anniversary Frogs

We are coming up on 3 years since I first posted to this blog and started wasting my time and yours. You’re welcome! One of the very first posts featured frogs in my pond. That post was quite unsuccessful (zero likes – be the first while there is still time!), portending many more unsuccessful posts to come. As I fed the pond fish this morning,  I decided to honor this momentous anniversary with another dumb post featuring an unwitting frog accomplice in my backyard pond.

Frog Text

Triple Digit Followers

I have bragged for a long time that my followers were “well into the triple digits.” That was technically true as most of my followers weighed over 100 lbs. However, today I officially have triple digit followers as I have surpassed the 100 mark of actual followers. By the way, do you think there is any correlation between not blogging yesterday and gaining followers? Regardless, no time for introspection when it is time to celebrate. How about a congratulatory handshake?

Macron Trump handshake

Ew, that’s not what I had in mind.

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Trump Ruins Another Blog Post

Ugh, this idiot Trump ruined another one of my childish blog posts scheduled for publication tonight. It wasn’t much of a post. It was just a pic of real Trump tweets in chronological order crying about the Russia investigations, Sally Yates and James Clapper. At the end, I added a fake Trump tweet for comic effect. Here it is …

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Living on the Edge

My WordPress website domain is expiring. No, that’s not the good news. I hate to disappoint you (although I know I do almost every day with each blog post), but I intend to renew and continue writing this nonsense.

As we get closer to the date of my website domain expiring, I keep getting these pop-up notices from WordPress when I am working on my website …

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Mite Not Be Funny

At this point, you may have detected a pattern. Each weekend for the past 4, I have issued a cartoon about mites called “Mite Be Funny.” I am continually asked “Why?” Let’s just say that mite humor is not winning over my fan base. I started “Mite Be Funny” because I viewed the arachnid population as an under-served demographic when it comes to humor. Oh sure, there are plenty of spider jokes like …

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Followers With Regrets

My follower list continues to grow slowly, about as slow as a Republican coming up with an idea to advance social justice. I think if I get 30 more followers to this blog, I qualify for cult status! Yay, and pass the Kool-Aid around the compound.

Two very dear friends of mine just became followers of this blog. I want to make it clear to them and to all my followers that it is OK to have regrets and admit mistakes were made. But please don’t change your mind about following this blog. I am so looking forward to the obvious tax benefits when I can finally register as a cult with the IRS.

Slip Sliding Away

We got some snow and ice here overnight. It was very icy and slippery this morning as I walked my daughter to school. I’ll bet she can’t wait for her high school graduation this May. Anyway, it was very, very slippery out. I’ll bet you are wondering just how icy and slick out it was. Thanks for asking! It was so slippery out that I not only carried my cell phone in case I fell and broke a hip, but I had 2 cell phones with me in case I broke both hips. Thanks for reading and I hope you appreciate that I thought little enough of this blog post to not include a “Read More” link.