Take a Walk

It was an odd Thanksgiving Day yesterday with 3 of our 5 kids staying remote due to COVID concerns. We did a Zoom meeting with the remote kids, which seemed more normal than I expected. But before that, I took a walk with Lola the dog to the neighborhood creek.

She loved it. I liked it. I would have loved it had she not pooped 3 times on the walk. How is that even possible? It’s not like she was eating along the way. Well, we had a mostly enjoyable walk, minus the ubiquitous pooping, and I was bemused seeing these trees along the way to the creek …

Those trees must be very sappy to still support Trump. Probably nothing more than deadwood.

Fortunately, the polls show Biden won, and even this pole down the street from those Trump trees touted Biden.

You will notice that video is embedded in this post. Basically, this whole post has been about me trying out the recently upgraded capabilities of this blog, specifically embedded videos. It works! That means I can now make video rants and directly upload to this blog rather than furiously typing my complaints against the world.

And believe me, I have many complaints. When I do, I usually follow the advice from the boys at Passion Pit and …

Sounds like a good idea for a grey day in late November. Maybe I’ll head to the woods today to walk among the …

Note to self: Embedding video doesn’t work so well when the video shows nothing but a static picture of the album cover. Still, it’s an excellent song from the Fleetwood Mac pre-Buckingham/Nicks era for you to enjoy.