Testing … 1 … 2 … 3

There are some changes coming to this website, including ways to spend your money. So, we will use this specific post to test this blog’s new ecommerce ability while offering you a useful product that I myself heartily endorse and just so happen to sell.

With talk of a COVID-19 vaccine coming soon, the USA has thrown all caution out the window and COVID cases continue to reach all-time highs almost daily. We’re #1? My family and I are still taking precautions. One of those precautions includes disinfecting our daily mail and groceries. I know, the odds are unlikely of catching COVID from a postcard or a banana. But I like keeping the odds low, so we continue to wipe down our groceries. But we can’t wipe down our mail or each individual grape. So, we use this thingamajig called the Purify O3 that is actually a CPAP sanitizer.

It generates ozone. Ozone is a marvelous disinfectant. I call it an ozonerator, which is not a word. I explain that is disinfects through ozonification, also not a word. The important thing to remember is that ozone is very effective in killing coronaviruses. So, this is what I do with the mail …

I pop the mail in a bin along with any food that may need disinfecting, add the Purify O3 ozonerator, turn it on, put the cover on the bin, and let it run for 30 minutes. You can find many articles online concerning the efficacy of ozone in killing coronaviruses. Here’s a link to one of those articles.

Do I expect you to actually buy one of these things? No, not really. Although if you want to disinfect your CPAP, mail, grapes, or bananas, the Purify O3 is a good choice. My primary goal with this post is simply to be able to successfully offer ecommerce sales options to you.

For readers outside the USA, be glad you are. You really don’t want to be here now. Based on election results, I know for a fact that there are at least 70 million morons residing in this country. Stay where you are. We can’t get to you. We are banned almost everywhere. But if you are outside the USA and would like to purchase a Purify O3, an ebay purchase is the best way. Click on our ebay store listing … https://www.ebay.com/itm/223501090005. Now use the Make An Offer feature to offer a lower price of $135. You can use ebay’s Global Shipping Program to get a total price including international shipping as well as any applicable Customs Duties & Taxes. There, international sales with a link to ebay is so simple. Now, let’s get to domestic USA sales.

First, we’ll start with a PayPal purchase using a credit card.

O3 Delivered

Purify O3

Purify O3 system for ozone disinfection of CPAP/BiPAP systems as well as disinfecting coronavirus. System includes travel disinfection bag, USB charger, and connections for CPAP/BiPAP hoses. Price includes UPS shipping anywhere in the continental USA.


Well, that was easy, too. But this one may be tougher. Some people just don’t trust PayPal or ebay. So, we also allow buyers to use a secure shopping cart to purchase using a credit card. Let’s see if this works. Click HERE to add a Purify O3 to a secure shopping cart for $135 delivered to your door in the continental USA.

That was waaaaay too simple. I think this exercise has been a success. If you want to buy a Purify O3 through this blog post, you can.

So, what am I planning on selling that I insist you purchase? A book of short stories about the afterlife. It’s been finished for a bit now, but I wanted to get past this insane election and get this blog ecommerce-friendly before offering it to loyal (and disloyal) blog readers for UNDER A BUCK! That’s right, before it is available on Amazon or other platforms, you can get a digital copy for UNDER A BUCK! To pique your interest, I am pleased to give you the cover for FREE!

That’s original artwork, too. Not by me, but from someone with actual talent. My plan is get purchasing options for this book up and accessible on this blog this weekend. Starting next week, I will offer some story excerpts to entice you to send me some loose change for a digital version of the book. For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with the cover for FREE. I think we’ll kick things off next week with information about the cover artist and the author (that’s me!).