Eels Well That Ends Well

Although the title of this blog post sounds close to the old saying, I’m not sure this heron wearing a necktie would agree.

Wait a second, that’s not a necktie. Could a necktie do this?

Well, maybe a necktie blowing in the wind. But should a necktie have a head?

That’s an eel snake that burst out of the body of a heron. Yep, that eel snake went full Alien on that heron.

The heron probably needs to be a bit more particular about what it eats. For a link to the full story, click HERE. If you don’t feel like clicking the link, the story concludes that the eel snake could have fallen to safety into the water and the heron could have survived. That’s a bit speculative, a little like saying that the baby alien bursting out of the space traveler’s stomach could grow up to be good company on the ship.


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