Mad for Ads

Well, I warned you that I was considering adding ads to this trainwreck of a blog, and I finally did it yesterday. I was excited to see what advertisers would be bidding big money to get an ad on my blog. Here was the first I saw.

Oh, sure, how interesting. You know, I was considering getting myself a new CDP, whatever the hell that is. So, I had to click the ad to find out. Here’s what I found.

Of course, Customer Data Platforms, whatever the hell they are. I was hoping for more interesting ads, and the next ad that popped up did not disappoint.

Now we’re talking. That’s the sort of exciting ad that’s appropriate for such an exciting blog. But then …

Yawn. I guess it makes sense since the last blog post was about skincare, or in my case, the lack thereof. This next ad also makes some sense.

It’s wax for hair removal, and my hair has been removing itself from my head for decades now.

The final ad I looked at I know I won’t need.

Who needs an 8% return on real estate when I will have all sorts of ad revenue rolling in? Let’s take a quick look at how much I have earned after one day of advertisers paying big bucks for space on this blog.

Oh, well. I know here’s an ad you can’t resist … Click here to buy my award-winning book.


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