Ad Nauseum

I have been quite satisfied with the addition of ads to this blog. I think it adds a certain cachet to this literary trainwreck. The thought that anyone would want their name, product, or service associated with this blog blows my mind. I always imagined advertisers bidding to NOT be associated with this blog.

I understand that the ads chosen for reader are tailored to their browsing tendencies and preferences. A friend and reader of this blog texted me this ad screenshot that popped up while he was reading.

That concerned me a bit. I know I have some shitty posts from time to time, but do the ads have to be shitty, too? So, I went online to check and see what ads came up for me as a browser of this blog. This was the ad that consistently appeared.

Definitely not tailored to the reader.

What is the end result of these ads? Well, the plan was to have me rolling in cash sooner than later. Let’s take a look to see how that’s going.

I have to admit I was shocked to see any number other than zero. But there it is, 81 cents earned so far. However, just like everything in life, there’s a catch.

I can’t make a withdrawal until I earn $100. Whipping out my abacus, I can see that I’m on pace to make a withdrawal in just over 10 years. Looks like the rolling in cash part will be later rather than sooner. Okay readers, you know what to do. I’m going to need you all to click every ad that you see a dozen times or so. Come on, I know that if you have read this blog, you’ll read anything, like every ad that pops up, over and over again.

Or, just click this link to buy my award-winning book of short stories. That’ll work for me, too.


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