Getting Ahead in Business

I hit the road to drive 600+ miles on Monday and spend a few hours sitting on a concrete floor trying to fix a mobile x-ray table. I was thoroughly unsuccessful, but I don’t consider it a wasted day. The place I was at was the office of a former boss who treated me well, paid me well, and eventually fired me. To clarify, my job of running his company was eliminated when he decided to liquidate his company for a tax write-off. But it was an amicable parting of the ways, and he helped me set-up my own company. He recently passed away, and his office had been cleaned out.

All the years I worked for my former boss, there was one item I coveted when I would visit his office. It just so happened that NOBODY wanted that item after his office items were sorted out. Others described my favorite item as creepy and disturbing. No wonder I always coveted it!

It was mine if I wanted it. And why the heck wouldn’t I? Take a look and you decide.

Yep, that’s a real human skull, and I have named him Yorick. Alas, poor Yorick.

Unlike most Yoricks that Hamlets may hold while soliloquizing, you will note that my Yorick is a complete skull with articulated jaw that opens and closes. It may be time for me to resurrect my ventriloquism act. I can assure you that it is legal for me to own a real human skull. I did check. As to the legality of how my former boss acquired Yorick, I can’t comment, although I’ve heard the stories.

Now that I care for him, the challenge for me is to find a place for Yorick in our home. He may be excellent company during meals.

Perhaps Yorick can keep time for our daughter as she practices piano.

But for this Thanksgiving holiday, I think the best place for Yorick is our fireplace mantle with other cute holiday decorations to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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