Thanksgiving Weekend Blues

Here in the USA, we just finished a 4 day holiday weekend. Some people still call it Thanksgiving, but as a Democrat, George Soros pays me to refer to the holiday as Pre-Slaughter of Indigineous People Day.

Anyway, I’ve had better holiday weekends. Since I received my Covid booster 10 days ago, I’ve been sick with respiratory symptoms. Do you think maybe that when I asked for my Covid shot, they actually injected me with the Covid virus? Did I need to be more specific that I wanted the Covid vaccine, not the virus? So, I was a bit logy on Thanksgiving when our kids came over. They couldn’t tell the difference.

I was disappointed in my oldest daughter on Thanksgiving. No, it wasn’t because her pasta was a bit too peppery, although it was. It was because she didn’t notice Yorick. You remember Yorick, right, my new real human skull? My wife, who has a keen eye for design decor, suggested I move Yorick to the other side of our fireplace mantle to provide more balance and symmetry. It works!

My daughter didn’t notice, and when I pointed out Yorick, she was appalled. And yet, she’s the same daughter who visited the catacombs in Paris to see the ossuaries packed with bones and skulls. When I visited Vienna, I headed underground to see the same thing. I figured she was a chip off the old block. Turns out that my daughter thinks that human remains should be kept underground and not passed around the family room. Looks like I raised an elitist!

I did feel a bit better yesterday, so my wife and I went out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I was leaning toward a private, heated, plastic bubble at this restaurant.

I’ve never eaten encased in plastic before, so I was up for the experience. I made my case to my wife.

My wife didn’t find my case compelling. I reluctantly left “eating in plastic” on my bucket list. We ate at one of our favorite local restaurants right next door. It wasn’t crowded, and I requested we be seated away from other diners. The other diners were grateful. The hostess seated us in a dining area they called the Omicron Room, which I found to be an odd name but classy sounding.

I’m hoping I can fully shake this respiratory thing this week. If not, maybe a day in bed resting and reading a good book might help. If you ever find yourself in similar health, rest in bed, and here’s a good book to read … my award-winning book! Click HERE to buy for under a buck.


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