Preventing Covid is Oozy

I should warn you, this is going to be a long post. Wait, wait, don’t click away. It’ll be long, but with lots of pictures including one of our new puppy dog. Whew, I think I saved a few of you from ditching me and this post.

I rarely do a post like this one. It’ll be chock full ‘o pics from the television, or if you’re in the UK, the telly. I usually reason that if you wanted to see the program, you would have watched it yourself, and you don’t need to see me regurgitate a program that you chose not to watch. Gee, I may not be doing a good job of selling this post. Did I mention our new puppy’s pic is coming?

The show I watched was The Rachel Maddow Show. Some folks call her the liberal version of Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. I call her a smarty-pants who uses actual verifiable facts rather than conjecture, fear-mongering, and lies, also known as the staples of those named Fox News hosts.

Anyway, she was trying to help people again last night. Specifically, she warned against these practices …

Those are very bad ideas. I don’t have much experience with iodine, but I have extensive experience with hydrogen peroxide. As a self-licensed dermatist, I use a hydrogen peroxide solution to chemically burn seborrheic keratosis spots off myself. This is the result of one such session on my forehead.

It’s not pretty and hurts like a son of a gun. Can you imagine inhaling it and what it might do to your lungs? I can assure you my dermatologist is cool with what I do. She identifies the harmless spots, and I take them off with a hydrogen peroxide solution that is weaker than the solution approved by the US FDA specifically for removing seborrheic keratosis spots. Really, don’t worry, I am a dermatist!

Of course, I am also always ready to make a buck if I can, so I perked up when I saw this.

However, I draw the line at selling hydrogen peroxide for people to inhale or DRINK. Yikes! Maybe if someone had an internal seborrheic keratosis, but not for Covid. Just get vaccinated, please. And then don’t try and unvaccinate yourself!

This doesn’t work. The nanotechnologies cannot be removed by Borax. This shouldn’t be that difficult. Vaccines – Good! Borax – Bad for you, good for cleaning your clothes. For some perspective, I use Borax in a mix with vinegar, etc. to kill weeds.

But I still smelled a sales opportunity, and I wasn’t disappointed when Maddow popped this up on screen.

Black Oxygen Organics is selling dirt. Hey, I have dirt! Is there money in dirt?

Yes, sir, there’s apparently a lot of money in dirt. The BOO (Black Oxygen Organics) people have the gall to charge shipping after getting $110 for 4.5 ounces of dirt. How about I charge $109.95 and ship FREE?

Of course, I want to sell equivalent or better dirt. What makes BOO’s dirt so special?

I’m pretty sure my dirt by itself won’t do that. How is that accomplished? Maybe the key is in the way that BOO’s dirt is used that makes it special.

All pretty normal activities involving dirt, so it must be ingredients in the BOO dirt.

Okay, that makes sense now. Lead and arsenic will kill the person ingesting them, so I guess it can be claimed that it will also kill their Covid. I’m sure I can come up with safer dirt to sell.

It turns out the peat bog is next to a landfill, which may explain the secret ingredients of lead and arsenic. I don’t have a peat bog or landfill nearby, but I do have a pond with muck on the bottom. Not much is happening in the pond from December through March. The frogs are gone. The pump is put away. The plants are dormant.

Why not put it to some use and harvest the pond muck? We’ve had a recent dry stretch, and the pond attracts all sorts of birds to get their daily drinks. I don’t see a lot of dead birds in our yard, and I’m pretty sure none of them have Covid. However, many of the birds are robins that should have already flown south for the winter, so it is hard to trust their judgment. But our new puppy also regularly drinks from the pond despite us screaming at him to get the hell out of the pond. That pond water must be good. Hey, here is that pic of our puppy I promised.

How can you not trust that face? If it’s good enough for birds and puppy Finn, maybe it’s good enough for sale to YOU. I scooped up a bit from the bottom.

Rather than BOO, I’m thinking of GOPO – Green Organic Pond Ooze. #GOPO!

I’m already selling an award-winning book and Mite Be Funny t-shirts, so why not GOPO? Watch for the product roll-out soon. On second thought, maybe that will be a product ooze-out.


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