Preventing Covid is Oozy

I should warn you, this is going to be a long post. Wait, wait, don’t click away. It’ll be long, but with lots of pictures including one of our new puppy dog. Whew, I think I saved a few of you from ditching me and this post.

I rarely do a post like this one. It’ll be chock full ‘o pics from the television, or if you’re in the UK, the telly. I usually reason that if you wanted to see the program, you would have watched it yourself, and you don’t need to see me regurgitate a program that you chose not to watch. Gee, I may not be doing a good job of selling this post. Did I mention our new puppy’s pic is coming?

The show I watched was The Rachel Maddow Show. Some folks call her the liberal version of Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. I call her a smarty-pants who uses actual verifiable facts rather than conjecture, fear-mongering, and lies, also known as the staples of those named Fox News hosts.

Anyway, she was trying to help people again last night. Specifically, she warned against these practices …

Those are very bad ideas. I don’t have much experience with iodine, but I have extensive experience with hydrogen peroxide. As a self-licensed dermatist, I use a hydrogen peroxide solution to chemically burn seborrheic keratosis spots off myself. This is the result of one such session on my forehead.

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Emasculation Conversation

I feel so emasculated, but any emasculating done was self-emasculation. I love football, but had ZERO interest in watching the college football National Championship game on Monday night. I rated these 4 TV events as “must see,” well above the college football game.

1)  Jeopardy Greatest of all Time finale. I was rooting for James since he is from the Chicago suburbs, but all props to Ken as Jeopardy GOAT. I felt sorry for badly overmatched Brad until hearing he is a multi-millionaire thanks to Jeopardy. Boo-hoo. And he won another $250K for being bad. Geesch.

2) Tonight’s Rachel Maddow interview with indicted Trump associate Lev Parnas. I expect a lot of “no comments” from Lev’s attorney, but I hope Rachel elicits a juicy tidbit or two.

3) Last night’s Rachel Maddow dissection of the Lev Parnas document drop showing just how mobbed-up the Trump crime family is.

4) The Democratic debate. I thought they all did well and nobody did terrible. Yawn. They are all so much better than Trump. Sounds like a new blog post on Winnowing the Candidates is overdue.

And then, the LSU-Clemson (I hope I got the teams right) game checks in. Oh, I forgot that Seinfeld rerun I watched. And Trump and Melanoma wearing a raincoat were at the indoor football game. Football just got bumped from my Top 5.

Trump’s Dirty Laundry Super Gif Special Edition

The New York Times has certainly made a splash as they have exposed bare the Trump family’s tax fraud and money laundering through the decades. I am primarily familiar with money laundering thanks to the great TV series Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad Costner

That’s a coincidence. I have an aunt who many years ago used to swear I looked just like Nicholas Cage. Let’s just say Cage has aged better since then thanks to a better trainer, better cosmetician, better tailor, better hairpiece (I use a scrap I cut out from an old burlap sack), and fewer kids. But that’s a story for another blog. Let’s get back to the Trump crime family and money laundering.

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Musical Musings

As I hit the road tonight for a business trip, the important question on my mind was how to amuse myself for almost 4 hours in a car by myself. Crocheting was not an option as I was out of yarn. I also don’t know how to crochet. I decided to pay attention to rush hour traffic and listen to local radio for a while until I was out of the range of Chicago stations. That got to me almost to The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC which I am able to listen to thanks to Sirius XM satellite radio. Listening is as good as watching since she wears the same damn black blazer every night. As always, she was a good listen/watch.

Rachel’s show eventually disappeared into the ether. Day had become night and as my car hurtled through the darkness, I needed to keep occupied for the next 90 minutes or so. I cast my lot with music and began searching for a song to transition my drive from yak about votes to songs with notes. I stumbled upon this inconsequential, yet catchy number …

That immediately got me thinking of the Top 10 reasons NOT to meet me in The Middle. And here they are …

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Another Edition of … Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1

Anytime I get a slice of Swiss cheese in the package without any holes, I feel like a big winner.


Random Thought 2

Instead of saying “God bless you” or “Gesundheit” after someone sneezes, I am going to start saying “No collusion.”

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Rachel Maddow is Smart

I watch the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. I like her style. She doesn’t curse. She uses documented facts. She cites sources. She allows viewers to draw their own conclusions. She is very smart and often uses words I have heard before, but may be just a bit hazy on the definition. Tonight she used a word I had never heard before. Never. Tonight she used the word “vituperative.” It is a real word. Look it up. I am glad that I am on Rachel Maddow’s side. Rachel Maddow is very, very smart.

Less Government & Even Fewer Clothes

I try to create original posts for this blog. This one is not. However, I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing when I happened to watch The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC last night. You know the liberal media, fake media, etc. are always playing fast and loose with the facts. So I fact-checked myself. It turns out that Team Trump is having some trouble filling government positions requiring Senate confirmation, but it is not because the Democrats are being obstructionists. Team Trump is simply not offering nominees.

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