I’m Burning Off My Head & Nobody Cares

I’m burning off other parts of my body, too. And again, nobody cares. In fact, I just saw my dermatologist for my six month check-up, and when I told her about burning off my head and body bits, she gave me this …

Not listening.gif

I see her every six months for my cancer screening after she found and removed melanoma (skin cancer) from my back. At this point, I want to make it clear that this cancer survivor heartily welcomes, encourages, and appreciates your pity “Likes.” Go ahead, better click “Like” now before I die.

I have been cancer-free for almost five years now, and I do have a wicked-cool scar on my back. Although my family encourages me to NEVER remove my shirt, I do as often as possible to show-off the scar. My story for strangers sometimes strays from the truth of being a cancer survivor to being a kidney donor. I like to mix it up.

I was anxious to see my dermatologist since I was concerned about a few new spots on my back. I wanted to know if they were cancerous, or just seborrheic keratoses. That’s right, I also suffer from Seborrheic Keratosis. Sigh! Here’s a look …


That’s not so bad, right? Take a closer look … if you dare.


Ew, they are gross little buggers, although completely harmless. And if you have a lot of them …


Fortunately, I don’t, but I do get the occasional spot or two, and I always want my dermatologist to check it out and confirm it is not cancerous and simply seborrheic keratosis.

My dermatologist could freeze them off me, but my shrieks of pain are a bit off-putting to the other patients in the office and waiting area. She told me six months back of a new drug on the market called Eskata that can remove them, but the outpatient treatment is a little pricey and not covered by insurance. I still eagerly read about this new wonder drug, although the logo told me all I needed to know.


It is a 40% solution of hydrogen peroxide, the same stuff used to bleach hair and whiten teeth. I could only find a 30% solution available online from a science supply store for about ten bucks, but I figured I would just apply 25% more. I love math! It works, although it foams up and burns like hell. Actual pic of a foaming/burning session follows …

Head burning

My face and head are both now 100% gross brown spot-free zones, although the face that remains still leaves a bit to be desired. I’m working on those back spots now, but they are hard to reach. I do think I’ll be able to get rid of them, although there may also be some collateral bleaching of my back hair. And if there is, I promise not to post about suffering from bleached blonde back hair.

On a serious note, always wear sunscreen and a hat. I am thrilled to see that the burka look has extended to men’s fashion.

burka men fashion

That should prepare me nicely for our beach trips this summer.



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