Persist to Resist

Well, Attorney General Barr did his job as a Trump lackey appointee and threw cold water on any Special Counsel Robert Mueller findings over the weekend. I think the passage of time will reveal some more positive takeaways, but for now, what do we do? This?

Belushi drinking

Okay, so I did a little of that myself on Sunday. The Mueller investigation was not the end game. It has spun off so many other investigations that will continue on. I also have a feeling that when House Democrats get their hands on the full Mueller report, maybe Trump will start to once again look a bit more collusiony and obstructiony when all the details are revealed.

So put down the bottle and ask yourself …

Belushi pearl harbor

No, of course not. And it’s not over now. Persist to Resist. In whatever manner you can. It doesn’t have to be much. My family is changing churches. We march and protest. I am now involved with the local Democratic party. And of course, this blog will still be here for a while to lift the spirits of resisters whenever I am not blogging about my own petty personal issues. Here’s a great example of subtle resistance I spotted on Twitter …

Moth Trump

Now that’s good resisting. Our collective resistance efforts will lead to change. It did in the 2018 mid-terms as we flipped the House. It can in 2020 as we look to defend the House majority while flipping the Senate and White House.

We don’t fight fascism because it is easy and we’ll win every battle.

We fight fascism because they’re f#&*%ing fascists.

Resist. Vote. Win.