Less Government & Even Fewer Clothes

I try to create original posts for this blog. This one is not. However, I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing when I happened to watch The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC last night. You know the liberal media, fake media, etc. are always playing fast and loose with the facts. So I fact-checked myself. It turns out that Team Trump is having some trouble filling government positions requiring Senate confirmation, but it is not because the Democrats are being obstructionists. Team Trump is simply not offering nominees.

Here are the stats as of 2/17/17 as reported by the Washington Post …


Time to do some math. 20 + 14 = 34 total nominees even offered for Senate confirmation after one month in office. Whew, take a math break. OK, I hope you are well-rested since we now have to tackle long division. 34 divided by 549 = just a tad over 6% of key positions have had a nominee even offered for consideration. That seems mind-blowing to me. Trump continues to grouse about his nominees not getting through Senate confirmation, but he still has 94% to even nominate. Can someone please take away his phone so he can focus on filling some government positions?

Maybe I spoke too soon. He has offered the New Zealand ambassador position to former centerfold (see this post’s featured image) and former partial-term Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. Here’s the reaction from the New Zealand Herald …


Now that is how to make America proud down under.

Maybe I am the one that should stop the grousing. Considering the caliber of the nominees that Trump has offered to date, perhaps the fewer that Trump offers for consideration, the better off we all will be.