Musical Musings

As I hit the road tonight for a business trip, the important question on my mind was how to amuse myself for almost 4 hours in a car by myself. Crocheting was not an option as I was out of yarn. I also don’t know how to crochet. I decided to pay attention to rush hour traffic and listen to local radio for a while until I was out of the range of Chicago stations. That got to me almost to The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC which I am able to listen to thanks to Sirius XM satellite radio. Listening is as good as watching since she wears the same damn black blazer every night. As always, she was a good listen/watch.

Rachel’s show eventually disappeared into the ether. Day had become night and as my car hurtled through the darkness, I needed to keep occupied for the next 90 minutes or so. I cast my lot with music and began searching for a song to transition my drive from yak about votes to songs with notes. I stumbled upon this inconsequential, yet catchy number …

That immediately got me thinking of the Top 10 reasons NOT to meet me in The Middle. And here they are …

10) It’s much easier to meet at a Starbucks than The Middle.

9) I hear The Middle may be as hairy as my middle.

8) Meeting in The Middle shows a decided lack of conviction one way or the other.

7) The Middle was, at best, a mediocre TV show.

6) The road to The Middle is under construction.

5) Meeting in The Middle is too middling.

4) The Middle is located in rural Mississippi.

3) The neighborhood around The Middle has really deteriorated recently.

2) Public transit does not run to The Middle.

1) I’m not very likable.

So that occupied me a little while, and then I ran into a stretch of really good songs while doing some Sirius channel surfing that turned my vehicle into a singalong. My car display shows what’s playing on my favorite channels, so I started with The Knocks featuring Foster the People singing Ride Or Die.

But that’s a popular tune these days, so when I spotted George Harrison’s classic What Is Life, I switched over.

What is life indeed, George? I stayed for a couple verses, but not the whole song, so I still don’t know what is life. I had to switch to one of the all-time, ultimate, singalong car-riding songs, If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies. Here’s a video of a live performance so you can imagine me singing live in my car.

Following that BNL classic, I found Tears for Fears singing about how Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

What is weird for me is that the music video has scenes of driving in a desert, and I recall many years ago leisurely driving a road through the Arizona desert around sunset with the windows and sunroof open with this song blaring. So I opened a window in my car. Bad idea when you’re pushing 80 miles per hour on the interstate. That certainly woke me up, and just in time for Radar Love by Golden Earring, another great driving song.

I chose a live video version of the song so you can see what I was doing during the first minute of the song … air drumming. This is a great song for air drumming.

Foo Fighters air drumming

Thanks Fighters of Foo for the demo. But air drumming while driving is just reckless. Thankfully, it was time to exit the interstate, so I set aside my air drumsticks and headed to my hotel, musically satiated.