Great (?) White North

My wife and I have discussed moving to Canada should we and the rest of the sane people in this nation be unable to wrest control of the country back from the madman in charge today. However, I have second thoughts when I see Canadian news articles like this …

Canada News

It turns out the computer systems were down at the airport in Yellowknife, and customers were manually directed to their flights. Mistakes happen. I find it amazing that there is even a computer system in Yellowknife. Mr. Paetkau ended up just a few thousand kilometers from where he wanted to go.

Canada Map

Kind of a cute story, right? But it is really making me shy away from moving to Canada.

First, I have never heard of Yellowknife before, even though it is the capital of the Canadian province known as the Northwest Territories. Down in the lower 48 here, we should have at least heard of a capital of a Canadian province. On top of that, the province to the east of the Northwest Territories is called Nunavut. Nun-a-what?

You may think that I may have a problem with cities named Inuvik and Iqatuit that I cannot pronounce. Nope, I’m good with them. Heck, we have Intercourse, Pennsylvania down here. The problem I have is that they are above the freakin’ Arctic Circle. And take a look at the local river near Inuvik …


Yep, that’s the MacKenzie River. Can you believe that guys? You have a river named after you.

take off eh

As much as I love Bob & Doug and would be honored to have them as neighbors, I am not sure I want to live in a country with a good portion of the country above the Arctic Circle. No, Alaska does not count.

We did love our family vacation to Canada, so we are not ruling out a move to the Great White North, if they would have us. Hey Bob & Doug, how would you feel about us moving up your way?

mckenzie drinking

Those guys will drink to anything.