Trump’s Dirty Laundry Super Gif Special Edition

The New York Times has certainly made a splash as they have exposed bare the Trump family’s tax fraud and money laundering through the decades. I am primarily familiar with money laundering thanks to the great TV series Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad Costner

That’s a coincidence. I have an aunt who many years ago used to swear I looked just like Nicholas Cage. Let’s just say Cage has aged better since then thanks to a better trainer, better cosmetician, better tailor, better hairpiece (I use a scrap I cut out from an old burlap sack), and fewer kids. But that’s a story for another blog. Let’s get back to the Trump crime family and money laundering.

On Breaking Bad, we see criminals launder money through a car wash and a laundromat after they have gained the money through criminal activities. Please note it is not necessary for the money laundering business to actually be involved in washing or cleaning.

washing machine

I think the idea is to launder the proceeds from selling a brick of cocaine and not to launder an actual brick.

I always thought money laundering was just compounding the problem. There have already been crimes committed resulting in ill-gotten gains. Why add the crime of money laundering to the list of crimes? Can’t the money just be kept in a safe somewhere and used to pay cash for everything?

wayne's world cash

There are dangers to having too much money.

Money dive.gif

I am afraid I would so do that. Sadly, this is much more my style.

Breaking Bad 1 dollar

According to the New York Times, the Trump crime family kind of turned it around a bit and laundered money first. Thanks to the brilliant Rachel Maddow for helping me with an explanation.

Rachel maddow kavanaugh



Sure, have a drink for a job well done. I see that she is not only brilliant, but also does Brett Kavanaugh impressions.

She explained the Trump Apartment Company (owned by Daddy Fred Trump) may have needed a new boiler. They would buy a $10,000 new boiler from Trump Maintenance Company (owned by Trump kids) for $50,000. The Trump kids would pocket the $40,000 profit as money is then transferred from parent to children without paying gift or estate taxes. And then Fred Trump would use the receipts from the inflated maintenance costs to justify a rent increase for rent-controlled apartments. So they laundered money as the initial crime, and the tax fraud and rent fraud follow as subsequent crimes. Those Trumps are brilliant criminals.

I know Trump’s defense will be that this is all Fake News. Excuse me, FAKE NEWS! And most of these crimes are so old that the statute of limitations has expired, rendering these crimes unprosecutable. But in a little over one month, Democrats should recapture the House. The Democrats will control the House Ways & Means Committee which has the power to subpoena anyone’s taxes, even Donald Trump’s.

rachel maddow

Rachel knows that the Trump family tax crimes likely didn’t end many years ago. The recent tax returns from Donald Trump should expose a cornucopia of various prosecutable crimes.

Trump worried.gif