Happy Drinksgiving!

I like to think that it was my generation which popularized the Drinksgiving holiday on Thanksgiving Eve. But that was before there was even a name given to it. It wasn’t Drinksgiving to us. It wasn’t even known to us back then as Black Wednesday or Blackout Wednesday, names which seem to have recently given way to Drinksgiving. We didn’t have any fancy-schmancy moniker for the night. It was simply “that night before Thanksgiving when we go out after work and drink ourselves stupid and sick.” And we did, or at least I did in my 20s before 30 arrived with children close behind, and their unbearable weight crushed my partying spirit while robbing us of any potentially expendable partying funds because babies supposedly require expensive diapers and formula. *sigh*

Anyhoo, tonight’s the night to party. I was planning to regale you with stories from my Drinksgivings past, but honestly, I have absolutely no memories after uttering that first word to start the Drinksgiving holiday celebration, “Bartender!” But please, celebrate in a smarter fashion than we Drinksgiving Pilgrims did. If you drink, don’t drive. Just find a spot to lie down and sleep it off.

Preferably an empty spot.

Thanksgiving Weekend Blues

Here in the USA, we just finished a 4 day holiday weekend. Some people still call it Thanksgiving, but as a Democrat, George Soros pays me to refer to the holiday as Pre-Slaughter of Indigineous People Day.

Anyway, I’ve had better holiday weekends. Since I received my Covid booster 10 days ago, I’ve been sick with respiratory symptoms. Do you think maybe that when I asked for my Covid shot, they actually injected me with the Covid virus? Did I need to be more specific that I wanted the Covid vaccine, not the virus? So, I was a bit logy on Thanksgiving when our kids came over. They couldn’t tell the difference.

I was disappointed in my oldest daughter on Thanksgiving. No, it wasn’t because her pasta was a bit too peppery, although it was. It was because she didn’t notice Yorick. You remember Yorick, right, my new real human skull? My wife, who has a keen eye for design decor, suggested I move Yorick to the other side of our fireplace mantle to provide more balance and symmetry. It works!

My daughter didn’t notice, and when I pointed out Yorick, she was appalled. And yet, she’s the same daughter who visited the catacombs in Paris to see the ossuaries packed with bones and skulls. When I visited Vienna, I headed underground to see the same thing. I figured she was a chip off the old block. Turns out that my daughter thinks that human remains should be kept underground and not passed around the family room. Looks like I raised an elitist!

I did feel a bit better yesterday, so my wife and I went out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I was leaning toward a private, heated, plastic bubble at this restaurant.

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Good-bye, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday in the USA. We commemorate breaking bread with Native Americans before we slaughtered and subjagated them. We normally celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering with family and friends to overeat, as if we in the US need a reason to overeat. Happy Thanksgiving?

It turns out that Donald Trump was almost correct about Thanksgiving. He claimed that if we elected Joe Biden that there would be no more Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. Sounds crazy, but it almost came true about Thanksgiving. Did you miss this?

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The Pie’s the Limit

I set my goal lofty for Thanksgiving yesterday. I planned to eat pie in the morning, afternoon, and evening. An early start saw me down this piece of expiring pie for breakfast …


I’m not sure if I like ‘Expiring Pie’ better as a band name or as an album title. On Thanksgiving, it was just what I had for breakfast. I really had no choice.

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Happy Thanksgiving?

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that we can still post biting political cartoons like this one I saw on Twitter thanks to Claude Taylor @TrueFactsStated …

Trump Thanksgiving Pardon

But for how much longer will it be legal to post cartoons like this? Who knows as our Judicial system and Free Press are both under attack by Trump.

As I added meta tags to this post (for search engine use), I became saddened that I didn’t have to spellcheck the name Jamal Khashoggi. RIP. In the above cartoon, the Saudi crown prince is shown holding the sword. Next time will it be Trump?

I’m also sad that there is still a need to post these types of cartoons. Give thanks today. Then Persist to Resist.



Down the Drain

Many of you will be traveling over this Thanksgiving weekend.

ha ha.gif

Meanwhile, I’ll be stuffing my pie hole with, well, pie I guess since I don’t eat turkey.

But I did travel last week, and while I sent you a scintillating story about my hotel room’s light switch, I did not blather in this blog about my bathtub in my other hotel room. It was something special, and something I did not expect from a Super 8. Take a look …
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My Lost Thanksgiving TV

I was up well before dawn on this Thanksgiving day. That’s not unusual, because Dawn usually likes to sleep late on holidays. I was on a mission. There was a 48″ TV on sale at 6AM at a local store for 200 bucks. Our TV is only 32″, and no, I do not feel emasculated typing that. So I was up at 5AM and getting ready to leave when I recalled this story from last night’s Rachel Maddow Show …

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