The Pie’s the Limit

I set my goal lofty for Thanksgiving yesterday. I planned to eat pie in the morning, afternoon, and evening. An early start saw me down this piece of expiring pie for breakfast …


I’m not sure if I like ‘Expiring Pie’ better as a band name or as an album title. On Thanksgiving, it was just what I had for breakfast. I really had no choice.

It was expiring on Thanksgiving, and I had paid $2 less than the price shown for the privilege of eating pie expiring on Thanksgiving Day. It had to be eaten. It was my destiny.


The afternoon pie was a different story, sort of. I needed to eat afternoon pie because my family had brought 11 pies to Thanksgiving for 22 people. There had been some cancellations due to illness. but that’s still a lot of pie even if 33 people had shown up. I did my part and had a slice of cherry with whipped cream on top.


My evening slice of pie was gluttony, pure and simple. There was no need for me to eat more pie. And yet, I somehow managed to consume this slice of French Silk pie.


I think I exercised an enormous amount of restraint by not adding whipped cream on top.

Goal met. Mission accomplished. Yet, I still came home with whole apple and pumpkin pies intact. Oh, well. Today is another day, and every day is a good day for pie.