My Lost Thanksgiving TV

I was up well before dawn on this Thanksgiving day. That’s not unusual, because Dawn usually likes to sleep late on holidays. I was on a mission. There was a 48″ TV on sale at 6AM at a local store for 200 bucks. Our TV is only 32″, and no, I do not feel emasculated typing that. So I was up at 5AM and getting ready to leave when I recalled this story from last night’s Rachel Maddow Show …

Rachel reported on how Rhode Island schoolgirl Mary Moran won a state Thanksgiving essay contest in 1973 with an essay about the absurdity of Thanksgiving. In the essay Miss Moran wrote, “If man gave up this day, he would be forced to admit that he cannot be thankful because he is not happy, and he is not happy because he is never satisfied.” How true those words rang as I grunted my way through my morning constitutional. Regardless, I left to go get me a damn bigger screen TV.

Once I arrived, I headed straight to the TV section of the store. There was a line, but after checking, I was told that this was not the TV line back in the TV section. The TV line was in the ladies wear section. Of course, how could I have been so stupid? If only I had headed straight for the ladies wear section like I usually do when I’m in the store. Unfortunately, my faux pas cost me a TV. They had just handed out the tickets. I missed out. I was surprisingly OK with losing out on the TV as store personnel removed me kicking and screaming obscenities from the store.

I came home, took a walk, and tried to remember what I am really thankful for on this Thanksgiving.

  • Family that I love
  • Friends that I count as family
  • Faith to provide me comfort and strength
  • Health

Oh right, and this guy …

Mueller walking

Happy Thanksgiving!