Good-bye, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday in the USA. We commemorate breaking bread with Native Americans before we slaughtered and subjagated them. We normally celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering with family and friends to overeat, as if we in the US need a reason to overeat. Happy Thanksgiving?

It turns out that Donald Trump was almost correct about Thanksgiving. He claimed that if we elected Joe Biden that there would be no more Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. Sounds crazy, but it almost came true about Thanksgiving. Did you miss this?

For me, that’s just a bit too close for comfort. That’s closer than satellites orbit. A pall may have been cast over the Thanksgiving holiday if the USA was recovering from an asteroid impact. The biggest problem I had was that this asteroid was noticed by the ATLAS (Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System) observatory in Hawaii AFTER it passed Earth. Come on. That’s our LAST Alert System missing an asteroid whizzing barely past us? If it’s not too much to ask, I would please like some notification in the future BEFORE possible impact so I can duck and cover.

It looks like Thanksgiving will be celebrated asteroid-free this year, unless ATLAS is sleeping again. We won’t be going anywhere. In fact, our kids may not even visit. Our two oldest kids live in Chicago, a real COVID hotspot these days. By the way, the latest Mite Be Funny cartoon was inspired by a discussion my wife and I had about Thanksgiving plans. No, not the cannibalism part, but the part about seeing the kids.

If we do host the kids, I will likely build one of these …

I did my online research, and slapping a MERV 13 filter on the intake side of a box fan appears to be very effective at filtering COVID. The higher the MERV value the better, and MERV 13 should be the minimum used. Adding a charcoal filter will help eliminate odors, so I would be able to fart at will after Thanksgiving dinner. That is, if we invite Will.

And real good news is that Moderna has announced that its COVID-19 vaccine is 95% effective. Maybe we will have something to be thankful for very soon.