A Prickly Problem

I was thrilled to see our Christmas cactus blooming early at Thanksgiving. But then the flowers started dropping as you can see in this recent pic.

I can envision it all bloomed out by Christmas. Of course, this leads me to so many questions …

  • Is this yet another indication of climate change?
  • Or perhaps this is a perfect example of the evils of not using Daylight Savings Time year round.
  • Should I now refer to it as a Thanksgiving cactus?
  • What would I call it if I move to another country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving? A late November/early December cactus?
  • Is premature blooming a medical condition that can be treated with medication?
  • If so, where can I get some? Asking for the cactus, of course.
  • Would thinking about baseball help the cactus with the premature blooming?
  • Is this grounds enough to return it to the store, or am I stuck with this defective cactus? Get it, stuck?

Well, after this post, I am sure you want me to go back to my music posts about days of the week. (Pro Tip: Click on each highlighted word for a link to a different post on each day of last week!) If you don’t like this post, please keep it to yourself as I have trouble dealing with sharp, pointed criticism. Get it? Aw, never mind.

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