Sunday Funday Music Finale

It’s been seven straight days of blogging about my favorite songs for each day of the week. I know how you feel. I’m sick of it, too. I really thought it would be easier. Well, we’ve reached Sunday, the final day, and I have a conundrum. I know, I should see a doctor about getting it removed. But seriously, my preference for a favorite song with Sunday in the title is this one.

I love Morrissey’s plaintive crooning backed with orchestral strings. But I can’t end a week of musical posts with Morrissey’s wailing. I feel the need to go out on a higher note. So, I’ve got one last song for you. It’s got an upbeat sound paired with a very snarky lyrical message about suburban life. Here it is, direct from the hit TV series …

Some may wonder why the lyrics are a cut above other Monkee songs like “Daydream Believer” and “Last Train to Clarksville.” “Pleasant Valley Sunday” lyrics have a noticeable bite to them. Well, one of the songwriters was the amazing Carole King. Here she is with her version of the hit.

Well, that wraps my week of blogging about my favorite songs with days of the week in the title. This has been good practice for my annual 12 Days of Blogging that will start, well, whenever I feel like it, but likely sometime in December.

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