Tuesday Tune Twofer

Continuing my blogging concept of fave songs for each day of the week, we come to Tuesday. Logically, the song choice should be Ruby Tuesday, either the original by the Rolling Stones or this lovely live version by The Corrs. But that would be too(sday) easy.

Instead, let’s start the day by enjoying “Tuesday Morning” from the Pogues.

What a great way to begin the day. But how about a twofer to show just how freakin’ old I am that I even know this second song?

Let’s move into “Tuesday Afternoon” with the Moody Blues lip-synching to the album version of their song in this interesting video.

Groovy threads in the first half of this music video. I love how it runs out of performance video about halfway through and switches to scenes of a woman walking through some gardens of what looks to be an Italian villa. But the best part is Justin Hayward’s soothing vocals meshing perfectly with the overall ethereal musical sound.

Sorry that I don’t have a song for Tuesday night, but then this blog post wouldn’t be a twofer now, would it?


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