Flip the Switch

I’m on the road again and was surprised when I tried to turn on the light over the sink in my hotel room.

Switch igor

That was Marty Feldman as Igor in the fabulous movie Young Frankenstein. Full disclosure here. After hours of driving, I did not look as good as Marty Feldman did in that movie.


I really looked more like this …

switch nosferatu

Regardless of how I looked, I was definitely surprised as I tried to flip the switch. Here’s a pic that explains my surprise.

Hotel Timer on Wall

Coffeemaker? Check. Hair dryer? Check, although wasted on me. Chain lock on door? Check, thankfully based on the level of hotel where I usually stay.


Nope, no light switch there, except let’s take a closer look at this knob on the wall.

Hotel Timer

I cautiously grasped the knob and slowly turned it past the designated point. I braced myself. I was ready for anything. Sadly, that did turn out to be the light switch. I have to admit I was somewhat  disappointed that turning that knob did not start something vibrating that could provide me a soothing massage.

It did remind me of an underappreciated Rolling Stones song from the excellent Bridges to Babylon album. Enjoy.

Time to turn the lights off on this illuminating blog post.

Turn off light



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