Egg on My Face

I had dinner the other night with great friends that are more like brothers to me than my real brothers, which is actually quite easy since I am an only child. These guys are not the kind of brother that drinks or spits in your beer while you are out taking a leak, but the kind of brother that forgives you for forgetting his birthday. Oops, that’s exactly what happened. It was more coincidence than plan that we got together for dinner on the forgotten brother’s birthday. Just in case the forgotten birthday brother was mad, I made sure I didn’t go to the bathroom with my beer unguarded. I don’t think he was mad, but in a gesture of extreme generosity,  we bought him a birthday dinner. We’re hoping he can be bought. I know I can.

The dinner was excellent, but one thing stuck in my craw, and I hate having a sticky craw. The forgotten birthday brother ordered an appetizer of deviled eggs which were delicious. The presentation looked something like this …

Deviled eggs

Is it just me, or can you also see the problem with those eggs?

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Feeling Petty

When I’m feeling petty, the name that comes to my mind is Tom Petty, but in an effort to appeal to NASCAR fans, I figured I would include a pic of Richard Petty. Good luck packaging my occasional Trump-bashing blog rants to appeal to the NASCAR crowd, right?

Anyway, I am feeling very petty and vindictive thanks towards this restaurant …

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