Feeling Petty

When I’m feeling petty, the name that comes to my mind is Tom Petty, but in an effort to appeal to NASCAR fans, I figured I would include a pic of Richard Petty. Good luck packaging my occasional Trump-bashing blog rants to appeal to the NASCAR crowd, right?

Anyway, I am feeling very petty and vindictive thanks towards this restaurant …


That would be Cugino’s in Grand Ledge, Michigan where we tried to eat dinner with our dog last week. But not in the restaurant proper. I get it that dogs don’t necessarily belong inside restaurants. We just wanted a table in the corner of their outdoor patio.

cuginos patio

It’s really nothing fancy as you can see, and it faces a parking lot. In fact, the parking lot is under construction. They should be begging people to bring their dogs to eat on their patio while looking at gravel. Nope. Turned down. And it’s not like our dog isn’t cute.

Lola Bark

Awww. She’s a well-behaved, adorable puppy.

So we ate elsewhere. But now, here’s the petty and vindictive part of the story. My wife has plans to train our puppy as a therapy dog. Once fully trained and accredited, I plan to go back to Grand Ledge, Michigan and take our therapy dog INSIDE the restaurant since I am told therapy dogs can go anywhere. Boom! Kick our dog off your patio? She’ll see you INSIDE your restaurant in a couple years. That’s what I call the long game. And maybe we’ll just order a little something for her.

dog restaurant

As for the petty part, if you cross me, I won’t back down. Enjoy this petty bloggers favorite Tom Petty song.

See what I did there? Unbeknownst to you, I subtly revived my series of blog posts called My Fave Faves about my favorite songs from various musical artists that I killed after the first one and a half posts. Not only can I be petty, but also sneaky. That’s a tough combo to beat. Just look at Donald Trump. Oops, sorry NASCAR and Richard Petty fans!