My Fave Faves – Truncated Weezer Edition and Hiatus

At one time I was so excited about sharing my favorite song from my favorite musical artists every Saturday. Then reality set in as I debuted with my Rolling Stones edition that was greeted by my readers with a huge yawn and one “like.” Thanks Trev. I figured I could forge ahead and force feed this feature to my readers weekly until they reluctantly read and even more reluctantly click the “like” icon. That reminds me, don’t forget there will be a new Mite Be Funny cartoon this Sunday morning like every Sunday.

But my first My Fave Faves was tough to write and even tougher was choosing a favorite song. This was hard work, and when the going gets tough, I take a hiatus. But before I do, I will fulfill my contractual obligation and reveal my favorite Weezer song which is …

For those of you who were expecting my favorite song from the group Truncated Weezer, there is no such group. Anyway, “Island In The Sun” does it for me. It takes me away to a fun place like, like, hmmm, an island in the sun. Sure I considered other songs like “Hash Pipe,” “Say It Ain’t So,” and “Buddy Holly,” but so what? I made my choice and like “Island In The Sun.” Yawn. Even I’m getting bored.

I have decided I need my weekend mornings to write my book. Yes, like about a hundred million other people in the USA, I’m writing a book that I will eventually self-publish and beg friends to pity-read. My mornings during the week are filled with emailing international customers of my business, so I need my weekend mornings to write drivel like this excerpt from the book that talks a bit about this very blog …

Jim Flanigan Looks at the World is (maybe ‘was’ by the time you are reading this) the humor blog I started to get experience writing. It had no sooner started than it had devolved into an angry, rambling screed full of threats towards just about anyone who crossed me, like the waiter who had not brought my soft drink to the table with the straw unopened, but had already put it in my drink. I realized that I was not improving my writing by using the same tired phrases of “see you in court” and “go to hell” over and over. I changed the tenor of my blog (I think to a bass), and started writing kinder observational blog posts about my life. I found a comfort zone there writing about things that were happening to me and all around me while only occasionally threatening lawsuits.”

After reading that, I bet you can’t wait for the whole book. Well, then go to hell and let me write it or I’ll see you in court! Sorry, old habits die hard.

Anyway, that’s why My Fave Faves will not be a regular Saturday morning feature. Moving forward, I will prepare in advance for Saturdays more hilarious observational humor like Lint That Looks Like Solar Systems, and don’t forget the Sunday morning slice of Americana pie a la mode that I call Mite Be Funny because well, that is what I named it almost one year ago.

So sorry that My Fave Faves did not work out. It’s not you. It’s me.



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