My Fave Faves – Truncated Weezer Edition and Hiatus

At one time I was so excited about sharing my favorite song from my favorite musical artists every Saturday. Then reality set in as I debuted with my Rolling Stones edition that was greeted by my readers with a huge yawn and one “like.” Thanks Trev. I figured I could forge ahead and force feed this feature to my readers weekly until they reluctantly read and even more reluctantly click the “like” icon. That reminds me, don’t forget there will be a new Mite Be Funny cartoon this Sunday morning like every Sunday.

But my first My Fave Faves was tough to write and even tougher was choosing a favorite song. This was hard work, and when the going gets tough, I take a hiatus. But before I do, I will fulfill my contractual obligation and reveal my favorite Weezer song which is …

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My Fave Faves #1 – Rolling Stones Edition

Well, here we go with a new weekly feature nobody requested, my favorite song from favorite musical artists. I’m eager to get started, but wonder if I will make it all the way through this year with a weekly post. I’m almost through a full year doing weekly mite-based cartoons, so I guess anything is possible. So without further ado, I offer you my favorite Rolling Stones song …

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