My Fave Faves – Condensed Album Edition

I killed the blog series I called My Fave Faves as quickly as I started it once I realized that even I didn’t care about what I was writing. But thanks to my oldest son, it is back for a curtain call in a slightly different form. My son is part of creating a music podcast called Ear Buds.

Ear Buds

I was featured on the 4th episode with my review of a Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys) song called King of a One Horse Town. Spoiler Alert: Loved it! If you have iTunes, you can access that podcast through this LINK. Choose podcast #31 (which is really #4) called My Dad Is Not A Twitter Bot and you can access my song review at the 8:10 mark, which also happens to be my son’s name. Mark, not 8:10, although Mark 8:10 sounds very New Testamenty and religious. If you listen to the podcast, you will hear that my reviews were supposed to be a recurring feature. At my son’s request, I did write one more for a Greta Van Fleet song. Never aired. They lied. I’m as upset about that as an old man ordering salad at a restaurant that serves chunkless, runny blue cheese salad dressing. Gross. Gotta’ have chunks.

Recently, my son asked me for 3 to 5 of my favorite all-time albums, and not greatest hits collections. That was not going to be possible. I could not help him out. Why?

I whittled my list down to these 20. I decided to limit myself to one album per artist. They are listed in random order .

  • Deep Purple – Machine Head. Rock on! Wooo!
  • Beatles – Rubber Soul. Perfection.
  • Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street. The first 2 tracks alone Rocks Off & Rip This Joint will make you sweat.
  • B-52’s self-titled. Quirkadelic.
  • Clash – London Calling. An expansive masterpiece of varying styles.
  • Fleetwood Mac self-titled (1975). Poptastic.
  • Elvis Costello – This Year’s Model. Gritty.
  • Aerosmith – Toys in the Attic. Raw.
  • Steely Dan – Katy Lied. Nuanced sophistication.
  • Cat Stevens – Tea for the Tillerman. Delicate beauty.
  • Todd Rundgren – Hermit of Mink Hollow. Progressively scrumptious.
  • Queen – Night at the Opera. Monumental.
  • Grateful Dead – American Beauty. Chill.
  • Cars self-titled. Incredible debut disc.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way. Real.
  • Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense. Oops! In my haste, I included a live album. Still great though.
  • Paul McCartney & Wings – Band on the Run. A sprawling delight.
  • Devo – Q: Are We Not Men  A: We Are Devo! Freakishly listenable and addictive.
  • John Prine self-titled. Lyrically exquisite.
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash self-titled. Warm and cozy.

I went back later and added:

  • Nick Lowe – Labour of Lust. Popalicious.
  • Boston self-titled. Slick & guitarific.
  • UFO – Lights Out. Underappreciated arena rock.
  • Warren Zevon – Excitable Boy. Fun with headless bodies, cannibalism and depression.

These last 4 did not make it in time for the podcast which you can access through this Link. Choose podcast #1 named EPISODE 32: Discovering Music as a Kid. They’ve got somewhat of a Star Wars thing going on with the podcast numbering.

My son starts roasting me at about the 5:40 mark, not to be confused with Mark 8:10 from before. I can’t argue with much he said since they are his perceptions. Except, I did not take him to see concerts by The Rolling Stones (with Elvis Costello opening), The Who, and Paul McCartney because I wanted him to love classic rock forever. I wanted him to be able to tell his grandkids someday that he saw an actual Beatle in concert, Jagger strutting around the stage, and Daltrey whipping the microphone around while Townsend was windmilling his guitar. I will also have more to say about his thoughts on streaming music later in another post.

I guess this is what you would call Flanigan cross-promotion, although oddly enough my son never mentions this blog. Ever. Hmmm.

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    1. I can address the AC/DC question easily. Just never liked the vocals. Zep 4 is a tougher one. Maybe because I heard it so much, I don’t necessarily want to hear it again. I would prefer to listen to a new Greta Van Fleet song (Zep soundalikes) than old Zeppelin. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but what about me or this blog does? I still love LZ, but in smaller doses than an album these days.


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