My Fave Faves – Condensed Album Edition

I killed the blog series I called My Fave Faves as quickly as I started it once I realized that even I didn’t care about what I was writing. But thanks to my oldest son, it is back for a curtain call in a slightly different form. My son is part of creating a music podcast called Ear Buds.

Ear Buds

I was featured on the 4th episode with my review of a Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys) song called King of a One Horse Town. Spoiler Alert: Loved it! If you have iTunes, you can access that podcast through this LINK. Choose podcast #31 (which is really #4) called My Dad Is Not A Twitter Bot and you can access my song review at the 8:10 mark, which also happens to be my son’s name. Mark, not 8:10, although Mark 8:10 sounds very New Testamenty and religious. If you listen to the podcast, you will hear that my reviews were supposed to be a recurring feature. At my son’s request, I did write one more for a Greta Van Fleet song. Never aired. They lied. I’m as upset about that as an old man ordering salad at a restaurant that serves chunkless, runny blue cheese salad dressing. Gross. Gotta’ have chunks.

Recently, my son asked me for 3 to 5 of my favorite all-time albums, and not greatest hits collections. That was not going to be possible. I could not help him out. Why?

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Music Review #1

My oldest son and his friend offer a music discussion podcast on iTunes these days called Ear Buds.  You may enjoy checking out their Ear Buds podcast called “My Dad is not a Twitter Bot.” I think that is a reference to me tweeting all this blog nonsense out. If you do check out Ear Buds, I make a cameo appearance on Ear Buds podcast #3 with a “dad” review of what they consider a song that may appeal to their dads. I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to play it straight or provide a rant about music today not really being music. Well, I really liked the song, so I provided an honest review.

Here’s the song “King of a One Horse Town” from Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys …

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