The Future of my Dad Bod

My dad bod was on full display at the hotel pool while on vacation last week. Fortunately, every time I hit the hotel pool, there was nobody else there. Maybe the reason the pool was empty was because I hit the hotel pool with my dad bod. Regardless, nobody got to see my dad bod except for my wife, my daughter and my niece, although I swear I caught them averting their eyes.

averting eyes

The dad bod discussion was back on the radio recently as the radio personalities reminded me that 2/3 of women are supposed to prefer the dad bod to a rock hard man bod. This survey was offered as proof …


That is just so untrue. Was that put out by Planet Fitness or the Trump Administration? And why would a health club chain promote a body that does not require a health club?

Forget the 69% of women that are supposedly into dad bods. I am 100% sure that most women including my wife prefer some rock hard abs to my bubble-wrapped gut. But I am less concerned with my dad bad as I am with my future mom bod.

As I age, I know I will need more and more support. I know my destiny.


Will my wife still love my mom bod enough to help me attach my manssiere in the back? All my experience is with unhooking and not hooking undergarments. I may need support from both my manssiere and my wife.


Oh, my God indeed. Look closely and you will see it may be catching on.