And My Follower of the Year Is …

Thanks to all my followers for wasting another year of their lives by reading my nonsense. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Despite lackluster writing, Pauly Shore level jokes, and an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump, I continued to add followers throughout 2016, albeit at a rate slower than a Trump supporter trying to calculate a 15% meal tip without a calculator. I am grateful, yet perplexed. I encourage all followers to seek professional assistance.

In an effort to scare away even more followers, I will once again award a Follower of the Year. This year, the winner will win a lunch with me. The second place finisher will receive 2 lunches, a dinner (appetizers and dessert not included!) and a backrub (no happy ending!). Enough with the fine print; let’s get to the decision.

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Jim Flanigan Panders Blog Followers

I love my blog followers. There we go, let the pandering begin. No seriously, I really do. (Way to ratchet up the pandering). No, I really mean it. I selectively post to Facebook because my Facebook friends just don’t get what I write. OK, I admit that my writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the fact that they take the satire I sometimes write for truth just blows my mind. So thank you for being able to discriminate between truth and absurdist writing.

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