Welcome, New Olympic Events!

The Olympics are back, and it is nice to see the Chinese hosts have added some new events like Press Suppression.

That was a Dutch reporter being escorted away. Undeterred, the team from The Netherlands looks to be in fine form.

Other Olympic events have also been added. I’m down (but not face down) to watch this one.

The new Toboggan Jumping also looks interesting.

And don’t forget, tobogganing is not just for humans.

If you think equestrian events are the only Olympic events with animals involved, think again. Here we have Snow Tag where humans with raw meat in their pockets do their best to evade trained dogs.

The dogs take it seriously and train rigorously on custom built courses.

Not all Corgis are that dedicated with their training though.

Prairie Dog Curling did make the Winter Olympics this year.

Sadly, Duck Curling did not.

The march of the athletes into the Olympics is always a stunning part of the Opening Ceremonies, and the addition of animals makes it even more spectacular.

Enjoy the Olympics with the new events. Let’s hope the reporting is not further suppressed and can bring you both the story and backstory like we see in this clip.


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