Let Lying Trumpers Lie

I’ve gone back and forth with friends debating whether or not we should make an attempt to reason with our relatives and friends who are hardcore MAGA Trumpers. Sure, we want our loved ones to see the error of their ways, but I have become convinced that trying to sway them is a lost cause. To support my argument, I present this video from a couple days ago.

Your eyes may have glazed over just a bit at the falsehoods flung around like feces in the monkey house at the zoo. Sounds like something crazy Aunt Jane or Uncle Joe at the holidays would say after getting into the spiked eggnog, but it perfectly supports why trying to show them their thinking is flawed is futile. First, take a look at the sheer volume of nonsense this woman spouted along with the truth listed underneath each.

  1. Trump is our real President.
    1. False. He’s not.
  2. The election was stolen.
    1. False. It was not.
  3. Trump is our real President, again.
    1. False. He’s still not.
  4. Biden is fake.
    1. False? Not sure how she means he’s fake. She could mean that Biden is a fake professional salsa dancer. That would be true.
  5. The real Biden was assassinated at Guantanamo Bay in March of 2019.
    1. Oh, I see how she thinks he’s fake. False.
  6. The American people know who the real President is.
    1. 1/3 False. 2/3 of us do know Biden is the real President.
  7. They’re fighting for America.
    1. False. On the surface, it appears that she and her ilk are fighting for something for America. Not much of a deeper dive reveals that they are fighting for an autocratic America which results in the “false” label. An autocracy is simply not in America’s best interest.
  8. They are going to save America and the world.
    1. False. Despite holding the presidency, both houses of Congress, and numerous infrastructure weeks, they couldn’t even pass an infrastructure bill under Trump. How can they possibly save America, not to mention the world?
  9. Biden is a pedophile (stated twice).
    1. False. He’s not, but tick tock on the investigation into Trump-loving (and allegedly child-loving) Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz.
  10. Biden’s family owns an island 8 miles from Jeffrey Epstein’s.
    1. False. The woman in the video did not reveal the whole conspiracy theory which includes Joe Biden storing Ghislaine Maxwell’s submarine on his island (not a euphemism). Link here to the full debunking by Reuters.
  11. Biden’s whole family are pedophiles.
    1. False. I don’t have proof, but I think the odds are pretty slim that Biden’s whole family are pedophiles. Odds are that at least one grandchild is not.
  12. Michael Jackson was saving the children (stated twice).
    1. False. I have to go with false on this one based on this Vanity Fair article alone.
  13. Michael Jackson will play at Trump’s inauguration.
    1. False. Even if he could, at this point in his decomposition, that would be a bad show.
  14. Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch featured a big Q.
    1. False. I can’t even find this conspiracy theory, so this one may be an original by the woman in the video. There was a giant floral clock landscape feature at Neverland, so maybe she thinks that looks like a Q.
  15. Trump helped Michael Jackson, JFK Jr, and Princess Diana escape.
    1. False. I’m not sure that Trump himself will ultimately be able to escape prosecution.
  16. Michael Jackson, JFK Jr, and Princess Diana will all reveal themselves at Trump’s inauguration ball.
    1. False. I’m just going to leave it at that and not comment further out of respect for the dead, and I’m not talking about that brain dead woman.

Imagine that you are at a family gathering. You decide to try and turn Aunt Jane or Uncle Joe back to the truth. You are hit with that barrage above in under two minutes. Do you really think you can counter that? Take it from me, a member of my varsity high school debate team …

Editor’s Note: Major nerd alert!

As I was saying, take it from me, you can’t sway Aunt Jane or Uncle Joe using facts when they are living in a fictional reality. However, there is one solution to keep America from plunging headfirst into that fictional reality. Hey, Mike Pence’s fly, can you tell our readers what that solution is?


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