Welcome, New Olympic Events!

The Olympics are back, and it is nice to see the Chinese hosts have added some new events like Press Suppression.

That was a Dutch reporter being escorted away. Undeterred, the team from The Netherlands looks to be in fine form.

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Hats Off

At the height of the pandemic, I ordered some PPE items directly from China for resale through my medical equipment sales company. It was a modest success and good experience ordering direct from China suppliers. At about the same time, my electric shaver died, as had my income because of the pandemic. I ordered a new shaver from China at about half the price of a Norelco. It works! That’s about all I’m willing to say about it. It functions as it should. Nothing special.

When I wanted to purchase a 10 gallon Stetson hat during the pandemic, I found them to be very expensive.

So, I looked once again to China to see if I could find a deal on a similar “Stetsen” or “Stetzon” hat at a fraction of that price. I was successful and eagerly placed my order, Unfortunately, I was ultimately disappointed when it arrived. Due to China’s use of the metric system, the hat I received is a 38 liter hat rather than 10 gallon.

Wow, that was a long way to travel for a bad dad joke. That’s for coming along for the ride.

Do They Give Liquor Loans?

I’m old enough to recall events back in the day featuring quarter beers. Yep, I remember quarter beer nights where you would get a blast of beer in a small paper cup for 25 cents. But am I so old that a bottle of cognac costs $145,000 these days? This bottle in particular …


C’mon, I can’t even read the label. It’s a 1762 Gautier Cognac that went for that much at auction. Full story HERE.

So, if a 250+ year old cognac sells for that much, how about a beverage 8 times as old? Specifically, this one …

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