Do They Give Liquor Loans?

I’m old enough to recall events back in the day featuring quarter beers. Yep, I remember quarter beer nights where you would get a blast of beer in a small paper cup for 25 cents. But am I so old that a bottle of cognac costs $145,000 these days? This bottle in particular …


C’mon, I can’t even read the label. It’s a 1762 Gautier Cognac that went for that much at auction. Full story HERE.

So, if a 250+ year old cognac sells for that much, how about a beverage 8 times as old? Specifically, this one …

chinese swan liquor

That 3+ liters of brown liquid is suspected to be some type of alcohol, although test results are pending. It was found in China in a 2000 year old grave in that swan container. Full story HERE.

If it is alcohol, I want to try it. I want to drink history. If people think a 250+ year old bottle of cognac is so wonderful, this 2000 year old bottle of brown alcohol must be amazingly incredible. However, I’m afraid it may be too expensive. If I take the $145,000 for the 250+ year old cognac and multiply by 8 for an equivalent 2000 year old vintage, you get a value over 1 million dollars. Then double that because 3+ liters is at least twice the size of a bottle of cognac. I’m afraid I can’t afford it. But if they ever have a quarter unidentified brown alcohol event, you can be sure that I’ll be there.



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