Marching with Women

I would be remiss if I didn’t blog about my experiences at the Women’s March in Chicago yesterday where I, my wife, two of my daughters, some dear friends and about 300,000 other people rallied and marched. Last year was incredibly warm with a temperature at 60F degrees and drew 250,000 to Chicago. This year, it was still unseasonably warm, getting close to 50F, and 300,000 came. I love Chicago and the spirit of the people of Chicago. It is truly one of the great cities of the world. But before marching, the most important thing I had to do was to  fix my hat.

I wanted to wear the hat I bought during the 2016 election that reads “America Is Already Great,” but that phrase did not seem correct to me anymore. Thankfully, duct tape to the rescue again!


After the march, when our oldest daughter was lecturing her parents about not wearing sunscreen to an outdoor event, at least I could point and say, “I wore a hat.” She did teach me how  to ride the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority), specifically the elevated trains known locally as the EL, made famous as they rumbled past the window of Jake and Elwood in The Blues Brothers movie, among many others.


Yes, they are that frequent. Miss your train? Don’t worry, here comes another.

I never felt the need to ride the EL before, but after experiencing a really convenient, easy-to-use metro transit system, I am trying to come up with ways to use it in the future. Chicago does the CTA right.

As for the March itself, we got there early enough, even before the rally started, so we got a really good spot.

crowd us with arrow

We were positioned so that if I stood on my tip-toes and looked at the stage, I actually could see the top of it. Fortunately, we had a giant video screen we could watch on which we saw some gospel music, the cast of Hamilton singing, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan give a stirring speech, and billionaire Tom Steyer, the man behind the Impeach Trump ad campaign, speak to us. My wife has informed me that watching one song from the Hamilton cast yesterday on a video screen is not the same as seeing the actual show, and by the way, it has been extended through March and good seats are available. Now where’s my wallet? All in all, there were too many other speakers, all with good messages, but it went on way too long. My oldest daughter was standing so far back with friends that she wasn’t even close enough to one of the video screens to hear or see anything. Maybe that was just as well.

And then we marched.


Can you find me in that picture? Hint … don’t forget, I’m wearing that hat with the duct tape on it. It took a while for the flood of people to bottleneck through the canyon of tall buildings, but we made it. We didn’t march all the way as we peeled off once we hit the EL so I could ride back on my new favorite way to get around the city.