Mite Be Funny #262 – The Tepid Conclusion of The Laundry Chronicles

From my last post, you may have gotten the idea that I would be writing more about interesting topics which would logically not include mite-based cartoons. Well, I workshopped the concept, and I found that my focus group was fascinated by mite-based adventures. I will clarify that my focus group consisted of my two dogs and involved choosing treats to define their blog preferences. But who am I to deny science?

Anyhoo, when last we left this stirring adventure that has generated some film interest, our impavid (go ahead, look it up, it’s a real word) mites were facing starvation trapped in a linen closet. Read on to discover the lackluster conclusion to the Mite Be Funny Laundry Chronicles.

Well, thanks to you readers for using your questionable decision-making skills to reach the end of the Mite Be Funny Laundry Chronicles without reporting this blog to WordPress. And for you weirdos who are disappointed that the story didn’t end in a frenzy of mite-on-mite cannibalism, click here. Happy now?


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