Mite Be Funny #263 – Freedom for Ukraine!

I realize that some of you may not be able to or may not have the desire to translate. Right mite ends with, “Freedom!” Left mite replies by saying, “Mite Be Patriotic,” although it can also be translated as “Tick Be Patriotic,” which doesn’t work quite as well. The bottom line is that we support Ukraine as they are invaded by Putin’s army.

If you wish to donate to relief efforts, please do. I’m as much of a pacifist as anyone, but I want to arm the Ukrainian military. That’s what Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has requested – money for armaments. Why the USA has not flooded Ukraine with weapons is beyond me. But here’s how you can donate directly to the Ukrainian military through the National Bank of Ukraine.

Bank transfers are easy. Just visit with your banker and bring the details from the above link. Freedom for Ukraine!

Mite Be Funny #262 – The Tepid Conclusion of The Laundry Chronicles

From my last post, you may have gotten the idea that I would be writing more about interesting topics which would logically not include mite-based cartoons. Well, I workshopped the concept, and I found that my focus group was fascinated by mite-based adventures. I will clarify that my focus group consisted of my two dogs and involved choosing treats to define their blog preferences. But who am I to deny science?

Anyhoo, when last we left this stirring adventure that has generated some film interest, our impavid (go ahead, look it up, it’s a real word) mites were facing starvation trapped in a linen closet. Read on to discover the lackluster conclusion to the Mite Be Funny Laundry Chronicles.

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