Buy Bargain Book

The blockbuster novella I published earlier this year called My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President is for sale this weekend for under $1. Use this link to buy a digital copy you can read on a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, or Kindle tablet for just $0.99 … All proceeds will be donated to local Democratic candidates.

The NY Times Book Review noted, “This is one of the most powerful books of 2020.” They weren’t talking about the book I published, but my book does have reviews. How about this one?

“A witty story that combines humor, satire, and astute observations of our current political reality. Connects the absurd with contemporary issues, providing the reader with an unexpected, humorous, and thought-provoking perspective of modern times. Well written and engaging from cover to cover. Highly recommended!” Who needs the NY Times Book Review when you have a review like that on Amazon?

Now if you don’t intend to purchase, I need to introduce you to the illustrator.

John is the illustrator responsible for the cover and this larger illustration at the end of the book.

Gary & Ray cropped

I consider John a friend who I met on Twitter as fellow Trump resisters. He draws. I write. We both hate Trump. He lives deep in the mountains of West Virginia. This is John.


Don’t make me ask John to visit you to “encourage” you to buy the book. Buy it. Do it now. I pay extra for a WordPress Premium blog which provides me the addresses of all blog followers. I know where you live. Let’s not get John involved so he knows where you live. Go ahead and click the link to buy the book.

And for everyone who does purchase, add a comment that you purchased and I will arrange to get you a copy of my latest published short story titled “Elvis Has Left the Building” based on this picture …

Elvis - Eric Semelroth - Imitation A La King 1998

The story is available from Amazon as part of Visions of Life 2, but why buy the whole book when you can get the best story in the book for FREE? And I will send you the unabridged version (non-published) with 1 additional bonus joke that the editor didn’t find funny, but it is.

For more of John’s Resistance art, visit or follow him on Twitter @repeat1968.