What Happened to my Invitation?

I just got an email today from my blog host WordPress with this invitation.

WordPress “just launched” a daily blogging challenge for January? I checked the date today. The 21st of January. Hello? The month is 2/3 over. Just launched, my ass. It’s like getting an invitation to come to a party as guests are leaving and the host has begun cleaning up cups and plates. My best guess is that WordPress has been monitoring this blog and its questionable “entertainment” content. They probably recommended that our invitation be put in the “lost in the mail” category to arrive at a safe late date that would deter my participation.

Now, would I have blogged for 31 straight days in January? Probably not. I like you readers, but …

Well, this may better explain how I feel.

I did make it through my 12 Days of Blogging in December, and actually made it 13 straight days since a Mite Be Funny Sunday followed the 12 days. A Baker’s Dozen Days of Blogging? That doesn’t have the same cachet. Regardless, I was physically whipped, mentally exhausted, emotionally crippled, and morally bankrupt after just 13 days. 31 straight days may kill me. Maybe WordPress realized that and was trying to protect me? Yeah, that’s it. WordPress was protecting me from myself and my obsessive dedication to blogging challenges, despite the harm I may bring on my own persona in pursuit of reader entertainment. The late invite was for my own good. They do love me and this blog.


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