COVID Comes Home

Unfortunately, it’s MY home. My 13 year old daughter tested positive for Covid yesterday, and has some symptoms, but not severe. We hope and pray she recovers quickly and fully with no side effects. Get vaccinated and boosted.

Our daughter just got her booster shot Friday, so probably not soon enough to fully protect her. I’m not surprised she got sick. Our local school district is being decimated by Covid at the student and educator level. So far, my wife (an educator in the school district) has escaped a Covid infection, but I figured my daughter would eventually get it. All her friends seem to be getting it. Peer pressure, perhaps?

So, now what? I’ll be spending a lot of time away from my family in my home office and basement, so business as usual for me. I will be stocking up on Covid therapeutics, just in case. Ivermectin? Check! But I do have a question. Will the dewormer Ivermectin work on Covid if you don’t have worms? If not, I’ll have to stock up on worms, too.

Twitter has proven to be a treasure trove of information as to how to treat Covid beyond such commonsense cures like livestock dewormers. I had all I needed for this next one in the kitchen.

First, protesting at a funeral? MAGAts today have no shame. Anyway, I felt like a giant pickle after the bath. And speaking of pickles …

Props to the Fox News chyron writer for the “Hard Evidence Needed” headline, but shame on you for working at Fox. I can say that I was unable to find any little blue pills in the house. I wonder where my wife hid them.

But if Viagra doesn’t work, the story could quickly become …

Fortunately, this “cure” is within reach for most everyone.

Well, that dude sure seems to be a whiz at excreting medical advice that should not go to waste or be dodged.

As a liberal who supports masks, vaccines, common sense, etc., I have to say that I feel so owned when anti-vaxxers drink their own urine. Bottoms up!

Here’s some sound advice if you are considering urine therapy to zap Covid?

Just leave this pee, I mean be, I mean leave the pee be.


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