Marshall (sic) Law?

We all know Marjorie Taylor Greene is a dope. It should have come as no surprise to anyone when she tweeted about “marshall” law when she really meant martial law. But now, why is Fox News repeating her mistake in their chyron below without any “(sic)” or quotation marks to identify the faux pas?

Maybe that was a rhetorical question. Fox is a bag of dopes, too.

But it did get me thinking about this marshall/martial thing. What if …

  • Singer-songwriter Marshall Chapman marries Kanas Senator Doc (Roger) Marshall and takes his last name to legally become Marshall Marshall.
  • And then Marshall Marshall changes careers to become a US Marshal.
  • And then after becoming a US Marshal, Marshall Marshall changes careers again to follow her husband into politics and eventually becomes President while still a US Marshal.
  • And then Senator Doc (Roger) Marshall sponsors a bill that passes into law that allows the President broad powers to declare martial law for any reason at any time.

Could we then see this chyron at some time in the future?

Marshal Marshall Marshall Declares Marshall’s Martial Law


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