Is Trump Right About Fake News?

I’m confused, which everyone who has ever read this blog already knows. I think Donald Trump is correct when he complains about ‘Fake News.’ I am starting to believe it exists.

Take this video from Judge Jeanine Pirro from Fox News on Michael Flynn. You may want to skip to the very end where Pirro suggests that Judge Sullivan could throw out Flynn’s guilty plea.

Did you watch the whole video? Did you throw up in your mouth just a bit in parts like I did? Understandable. This “judge throws out Flynn’s guilty plea due to FBI wrongdoing” narrative had been pushed by Fox News and White House talking heads for a while. Instead, Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Reagan appointee, excoriated Flynn in a blistering diatribe to the point of dropping the treason bomb as a possible additional charge. Oops.

And what about the Clinton Foundation?

According to Fox News and the White House, that was supposed to be the crooked foundation full of career criminals. Instead, the Trump Foundation is forced to close due to a ‘shocking pattern of illegality’ according to the NY State Attorney General. Oh yeah, criminal proceedings will continue against the Trump Foundation board which just so happens to be members of the Trump Crime Family.

Finally, we have some conflicting stories about Trump Tower Moscow. Initially, Trump disavowed all knowledge of any dealings in Russia. Then the story meandered to where Trump disavowed all knowledge of a Letter of Intent to build Trump Tower Moscow, but admits that Michael Cohen may have signed it. Then Rudy Giuliani admitted to the Letter of Intent, but clearly stated that nobody signed it. Now today, CNN’s Chris Cuomo produced a copy of the signed Letter of Intent. Here it is.

Trump Tower Moscow

Is there an explanation for all this trickery, deceit and Fake News? Maybe. First, that signature looks like someone named Anal Trummmp signed it. That’s certainly not even close to Donald Trump. Could Chris Cuomo have forged this signature of Anal Trummmp? And could Cuomo have influenced his brother, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, to pressure the NY Attorney General to bring legal action against the Trump Foundation? And did Chris Cuomo’s rumored bromance with Judge Emmet Sullivan influence the judge’s harsh rhetoric in the Flynn hearing. Look for these and other crazy conspiracy theories to continue to be promulgated by Fox News and the White House. Trump’s right. This “Fake News” stuff has gotten out of hand. Trump’s hand.