Putin Trump in Thoughts & Prayers

I did my best to temper what I said on social media after Trump tested positive for COVID. Please be assured I sent my thoughts and prayers, although I won’t say what I was thinking or praying for.

What really surprised me is this bit of news involving Vladamir Putin …

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Church With Strings Attached

We tried another new church on Easter Sunday. We really liked it, except for the booming organ music that shook my dental fillings at times. Maybe we should sit in the back next time, if there is one. It was a church we had tried before, but decided not to visit again due to the service featuring … a puppet show. It wasn’t a creepy or scary puppet show.

puppet creepy.gif

But it was still a puppet show. However, we decided to try it again. And we liked it! I thought maybe we had found our new church home, until I spotted this in the church bulletin …

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RIP George H.W. Bush

I’m going to put most of my snarkiness aside today and take a day off to mourn the passing of former President George Herbert Walker Bush.


I didn’t always like his politics, but I always believed he was an honorable man and a patriot. However, I cannot completely forgive him for resembling his son, George W Bush, in that picture above.

I hope this “man” will not be invited to the funeral, and if he is, certainly not allowed to speak.

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Breaking News? Really?

The Washington Post and NY Times both are reporting that Donald Trump gave highly classified information to the Russians during their recent visit to the Oval Office. Is this really “Breaking News?” Fox News sees no story and is running highlights from the White House Easter festivities on their shows tonight …

trump easter

Pay no attention to the Russian in the Easter Bunny costume.

Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC are trumpeting “Breaking News” and acting like Trump just sold the nuclear codes on eBay. This is really not “Breaking News.” Trump is heading out of the country next week. One stop, while not on the official itinerary, will be a quick trip to Russia for a scheduled job performance review with his boss, Vladamir Putin, where he will undoubtedly turn over that classified info and so much more. “Breaking News?” More like “Expected News.”

Devin Intervention

Breaking News …

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, dismissed revelations that he briefed Donald Trump on new intelligence information regarding the Russian surveillance investigation before the information was even provided to his own intelligence committee. When confronted by our crack investigative team, Nunes clarified his position for us. “Look, this is no big deal. I play no favorites. When I get some new intelligence about Trump, I tell Trump. When I get some new intelligence about Putin, I tell Putin.”

Admiring the Admiral

Retired Admiral John Hutson said about Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention, “Donald, you’re not fit to polish John McCain’s boots.” Of course, this was a complete red herring as we all know that John McCain prefers loafers (see Sarah Palin as former running mate).

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